Buried Talents

I used to make divine oatmeal.
It was creamy delicious.
I don’t know how I did it, just that I can’t do it any more.
When Baby Girl was was tiny-cakes and too hungry to wait for oatmeal to cook after she got up I started putting the oats and water together in the pot and leaving it on low while I got her up and changed. Thus my oatmeal talent was buried.
I realised at the time that the oatmeal I made that way wasn’t as good, but it was better than fielding a hungry baby while I cooked it the good way, so I continued. When she got a bit older I went back to my old method, but something was missing. The creamy texture had gone. I don’t know what I do differently, but my oatmeal is not what it was.
If I’d known this is what would happen I never would have compromised my standards.


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