To the tune of “Popcorn Popping”

I cleaned out the re-fridge and what did I find?
Caramel-ice-cream topping from two thousand and five
This cleaning thing brought me such a nice surprise
Mold spores growing right before my eyes
I could take a spoon full and make a treat,
an ice-cream sundae that would taste so neat
It wasn’t actually moldy
but it seemed to me
a good idea to toss it ‘fore it got to be

Yeah, so it was actually from Lily’s birthday last year, but 2005 sounded better than six.
The mold in the ditty was growing on another, much newer inmate of the frigidare. To look at the topping one would have thought I’d purchased it yesterday.
I have no appreciation for caramel topping. My mother-in-law bought it while visiting for the aforementioned birthday. Since then, it has occupied the furthest corner of my fridge un-noticed by man or beast.


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