my best idea this year

I want to be the ugly stepsisters for Halloween. Not ugly stepsisters from any telling of Cinderella, though any incarnation of them would be riotous. I want to be Anastasia and Druzella. I am only one person so I’d have to have a friend in the endeavour, but it would be so much fun.
I have a formula for bouncy bustles working in my head. The bustles on my Stepsister ensembles would be fantastic.
There is a problem with being a step sister myself. I am not a tall boy-figured type as they are. I should probably stick with a general step sister for myself and make the bouncy bustles for a pair of evenly sized pre-teens.
Maybe Lily will have a friend or sister to be stepsisters with when she is a pre-teen.
I’d love to make them for my nieces but, alas, the problem of not living in the same state with my family again rears it’s ugly head.


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