Dorotea Benita

Last year for Christmas Baby Girl received a Cabbage Patch doll. She has always liked it but has in the last 2 days grown to love it. She’s been carrying it around in it’s little car seat along with a back pack full of Cabbage Patch clothes. It is pretty cute.
Before she remembered she had a Cabbage Patch she was toting one of my childhood dolls. This doll is much cuter as dolls go but she just calls it “my baby” or “the ponytail baby” if further clarification is needed. That is not nearly as cute as “My Cabba Catsche doll”.
When I tucked her in tonight she realized that she’d been remiss in her Cabba Catsche mama duties and asked me if I would please go and tuck the poor neglected doll in her bed. Don’t worry, I did. What kind of cabba catsche grandmother would I bee if I didn’t?
Kudos to Grandma on the Christmas gifts last year. From whence little Dorotea Benita, her bed, her car seat, and her back pack full of clothes all came.


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