Rejoyce! again I say, rejoyce!

Fall has come to Arizona. Today it was only 94. Hurrah!
I’ve gotten to the point as an Arizona resident where I can see the heat. All through the summer I look out the window and see misery. It only takes a look to know it’s hellishly hot out. Less even than a look. Being summer you know that it’s insufferable regardless of the time but the look reminds you of just how hot it’s going to be when you do quit the safety of the a/c.
This week when I look out, the world has lost that quality. I don’t know what the change is exactly. The sun is still blazing in the bright blue sky and the crushed granite of the landscape it as rocky and dead looking as ever. But, some how, I can see that it is cooler. Nothing is quite as severe looking in the cooler weather. It doesn’t have that glimmer. I don’t generally see actual heat waves when I look out my window in the summer but there is always a glimmer of heat.
Another way I can tell it is markedly cooler is that when I go out I can breath. The air actually feels fresh, I can draw it deep into my lungs and smell life. In the heat, the air is stifling like a musty old blanket. I have to rush into the house to avoid suffocation.
I love the change of seasons. I miss the drama of season changes back home but noticing, and appreciating the subtle changes of my current home make it more my own.


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