My kid learned to turn on the tv for herself.
Yesterday I sent her up stairs to get her blankie and she didn’t come back down. I was busy making dinner and so didn’t go to investigate for 15-20 minutes. She was watching Blue’s Clues, happy as can be.
This afternoon I let her watch Wonder Pets. I just now heard her start a third episode. She watched the Unicorn and Penguin twice. For the third selection she managed to find a different one. I don’t know what it is, I only listened long enough to know that it wasn’t the same one again.
I guess this means I’m going to have to keep the remote on a high shelf. Either that or resign myself to constant tv watching by my daughter. I think it’ll have to be the shelf. I let her watch more than I think she should already. I can’t afford to lose any more ground on the tv front. I also need to keep my ears open for the end of the current Wonder Pets episode. I am lacking the gumption to stop her mid-rescue (fine, mid 2 rescues) but she certainly has watched enough.
All is not lost. She turned it off herself! And before the second rescue! As a reward I think I’ll let her watch something… wait. What was I saying?


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