I wish…
I could have my current life, home friends neighbourhood etc without living so far away from my family.
I could Dance
Hair would grow as fast or as slow as you willed it
I’d lost my baby weight as fast as I did last time
I’d get off my hinder and lose the 10 lbs already
I could have warm winters and cool summers
I could jaunt to Utah for Halloween (the homesick always hits hard this time of year when I start seeing pictures of colourful leaves and autumn hikes and hoodied children in pumpkin patches and we’re still dripping sweat when we venture out of doors, even at night, and not a crisp coloured leaf nor a canyon to be seen)
I had a best friend type of person in the same state. I have more general friends than I’ve ever had before but not a best friend. No one I can call just because I am bored. No one to go to Target with me just because it’s more fun together. Is this part of being grown up? Not having a girl friend for just because? I don’t recall my mother every having someone like that. Maybe it’s a normal thing to do without but I miss it.
I could control myself well enough to read a book without neglecting the rest of my life.
I had braces. As long as I am wishing I might as well wish for straight teeth without the braces.
my daughter was not whining


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