I like things like that. Colors, memories, flavors, contrast.
I love to have vivdly colored accesories. A friend once told me ” you can always tell who is having the most fun at a party because she’s the one wearing red shoes” I haven’t found this entirely true. I’ve worn red shoes to parties that I didn’t enjoy much. I do think, however, that even though I wasn’t having the most fun out of all of the people attending the affair. I had quite a bit more fun that I would have had I been wearing, say,brown shoes.
I also love bright colored purses. I’d so much rather carry a pink bag than a black one. “But pink won’t match as many things as black will!” chime the masses. “Hogwash”, I say. People have just gotten so used to seeing black and brown that they don’t notice so much when they don’t “match”.
Use vivid colors instead of the never ending parade of neutrals and the world will be a more expressive place. No more stifling wardrobe creativity beneath layers of drab. This is a revolution!
Anyone care to join?

I feel inclined to admit that I am currently using a brown purse. It has yellow, blue and pink hearts quilted on it though, so I do not feel bogged down by it’s neutrality.


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