Back in my joy school days we had a lesson, or maybe a bunch of them, on being unique. What a wonderful thing to be your self and know there’s no one else quite like you. I took the knowledge of my uniquety to my heart and it has served me well.
Even through the conformist years of teenagerhood I valued myself enough to stand apart in the things that were important to me. I did my share of following and imitating to be sure, but never so much that I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t let many other people know my unique self but that is another story.
Here are a few other U words I’ve thought of today.
Urine- Baby Girl was trying to tell me about her imaginary Christmas tree and go potty at the same time. She didn’t have enough focus on the latter and as a result peed while merely leaning against the potty instead of sitting on it. Just so you know, you do have to be sitting on the toilet in order for it to work properly. If you’re a girl anyway, and she is.
Ugly- I can spot ugly a mile away. Sometimes things are so ugly I grow to love them. I have a skirt, one of my favorites, that I bought for just that reason. Ugly is one of my favorite words.
Uranus- I did a report on the planet Uranus in 3rd grade. We had an elaborate plan for a candy bar poster but it never came to fruition. One girl in our group flaked out and did a report of her own, traitor. The rest of us had a grand time. The poster wasn’t made of candy bars but I snuck a bag of chocolate chips from the pantry to serve my guests so we did not suffer for lack of sugar.
Useless- were my efforts to get Baby Girl to nap today.
Undulating- The line from “10 Things I Hate About You” keeps coming to mind. “Undulating with desire, (I don’t remember the name) removed her crimson cape”
Ultimatum- I issue these all the time “Eat your dinner or you won’t get dessert!” “Don’t walk away from me or you’ll have to ride in the cart”, “If you don’t have a rest, you won’t get to watch Wonder Pets” and so on…
Unrelenting- The first thing Baby Girl said to me this morning was “Did you make my apront” she didn’t stop asking until I finally got around to making it. Then she said whenever she got the chance “Are you making my apront?” YES!!! I AM MAKING YOUR STINKING APRON! GO TO SLEEP AND LET ME WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Undaunted- Would that I had been


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