I am so often tempted. Throughout my days temptations rise. Brought on my the silliest of things they tempt me to do things yet sillier.
A few hours ago I was tempted to make brownies with my daughter and 2 other young girls who were here playing. I can’t imagine why that sounded so fun. Looking back on it, it sounds like screaming through a horrible cocoa mess. I was fortunate that the mothers of the friends came to fetch them before we got going on the project.
I am often tempted to waste time. This temptation manifests it’s self in many different ways. I could whittle away hours reading blogs, sifting through etsy shops, checking my email, dawdling on my space…you get the idea. Then of course there’s the television. As long as I don’t turn it on I am relatively safe. Sleep is also a good time waster. I don’t do as much of that because I can’t do it as effectively while my children are awake. When I do venture to nap while they are not I end up being jerked from sleep by thwack in the head. Then Baby Girl faces groggy wrath. It isn’t pretty.
There’s the temptation to ignore the fact that I will have to make dinner at some point. The temptation to eat cookies all day while I ignore the never failing question of what to make for dinner. The temptation to make cookies while I ignore that same question. And the temptation to start the kitchen on fire to avoid the question yet again. The only problem is, If I lit the kitchen on fire how would I make brownies and cookies and all of the delectable goodnesses that I have no trouble thinking of?
Some things in life are just not fair.


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