One of the loves of my life. I haven’t been doing as much of it as I’d like of late. I’ve been too busy feeling stressed out over all of the things I need to do and thus not doing anything very productive.
A few weeks ago I did finally take an hour to make a skirt I’d been planning for months, all the while telling myself it would only take an hour, but still not doing it. I like it very well but it turned out a bit too large so I need to fix it. I was wearing it, in it’s largeness, on the plane coming home a week or so past. I’m pretty sure the passengers in the first five or so rows of the plane saw half my bum as I stood up to take Baby Girl to the lavatory. I didn’t notice the slippage that had occurred until I was returning to my seat. I suppose that is why my mother taught me to wear a slip.
I am gearing up for Halloween. I think I’ll start on the turtle costume for the lad first. I need to figure out where to get my hands on some good buckram. He will be such a cute little turtle!
The excitement over a project is quickening within me. I’ll have to see if I can translate it into organising all of the sewing junk in my closet before I delve into turtledom.


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