I am getting ready to do Joy School with Baby Girl. It is the preschool program I did when I was little. I loved it so much. I have always planned to do it with my kids and now I get to.
Everyday in Joy School you talk about the weather and mark on a weather chart what it’s like outside that day. I am making the chart for our group.
I had forgotten about the weather part of joy school until it came up as we were organizing our group. Even then I only faintly remembered. Today I looked at the pattern for the chart and now it’s all there in my head. I am so glad they have not updated the pictures and things! I opened the file and there was the same tree bent in the wind for when it is windy and the sunshine, snow men, and umbrella to signify various kinds of weather. I love it! I am so excited to start making it.
The chart is round with hands like a clock with the weather pictures in place of numbers. So on a hot sunny day, one hand will point to the sunshine, and the other to the little girl wiping the sweat from her brow with one hand as she holds a popcicle in the other. Gee, I wonder how often the hands on our chart will be pointing to those 2 images? One of the things I remember about the chart from my childhood is how the hands would not stay put and so a piece of tape was stuck to the backs of them and the mom had to unstick and stick them where they should go, robbing the child who’s turn it was to do the weather of that privilege. I do not intend to have that problem with my chart. I am going to make it with Fabric (surprise!) so the hands will stick to the face a la flannel board. I will fashion a small button hole at the base of each hand and mount them to the board with use of, you guessed it, a button. The holes will be too small to actually fit over the button so there will be no problem with children unbuttoning the hands and running off with them. Ah, creativity, you make a lovely mistress.

My mother in law gave Baby Girl a set of fake nails. She was looking for decals but only found them as part of this set. Baby Girl has been adoring the decals, in fact just yesterday we put a fresh set on her toes. The fake nails however, were meant for girl more in the 10 year old range and so are too big for her little fingers. Today as I was throwing them away I remembered how, as a girl, I longed for Lee press-on nails. These are the same thing. The stickum goes on and then you press-on the nail. I decided to try one. Now, on my left birdie finger is a pink plastic nail. I put it on and then, satisfied with my press-on nail experience threw the rest of them away. I never imagined that press-ons stayed on so well. At least not press-ons meant for little girls to play with. I can’t get it off. The nail is too big for the finger I put it on and slightly askew. I was never planning to wear it for more than 5 minutes and so did not take much care in it’s application. If ever I decide to wear press-on nails in the future I’ll remember to be more careful.

As I dumped the nails into the garbage can a familiar smell reached my nostrils. It was the smell of popcorny garbage. Why is this smell a familiar one? Why Desert Star of course! The playhouse where I waitressed in high school. If there had been pizza in the garbage as well, and ragtime playing in the background the memory would have been complete.

And this, friends had been my day. Full of memories and garbage. Who could ask for anything more?


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