Quagmire of spirit

I have just finished reading Gone With the Wind. It really is an amazing book.
I often get caught up in books but my heart actually breaks with this one. Every time Scarlett fails to realize Rhett loves her it wrenches my soul a little bit more and the last chapter is absolute agony but I love it so.
My heart isn’t broken over Scarlett she is strong enough she’ll get through but Rhett! Oh Rhett! I just hope and pray that like everything else Scarlett puts her mind too she manages to win his love back so his broken heart can heal.
I realise that there is a sequel of sorts, “Scarlett” it is called, and at the end of it they patch things up but I do not accept the sequel as a true part of the story. (See the top entry of my pet peeves list) It is more a sequel to the movie than to the book. If you read the book you’ll realize that it really is not possible at all.
It’s premise is that she miraculously did not have a miscarriage after falling down the stairs and has another baby girl after Rhett runs off. Mean while she moves to Ireland, has an affair with a very Rhett-ish man and buys the “original” Terra before finally running into the real Rhett and sorting out their differences. Here are some reasons it is hog wash.
The falling down the stairs incident was months and months before Rhett told her he didn’t give a damn so If she were still prego he would’ve known.
Then there’s the matter of the affair. At the end of the book she has come to know not only that Rhett loved her all along but also that she’s loved him for years without knowing it and vows to get him back. In such a state Scarlett O’Hara would never philander about with another man. Sure, sure, she married three other men while she was in love with Ashley but that was a different circumstance. She Used those 3 men for revenge and money. She doesn’t need of those things any more.
Oh Margaret Mitchell if only you’d written another book and told us how she got him back! I do believe she got him back. She did everything she was determined to do so of course she found a way to get him back. True, he was the one person she couldn’t bully but I have faith that she’ll find a way to get him without bullying.


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