This is my favorite part of the alphabet song but as much as I love to sing it I’ve had a heap of trouble thinking of topics for each of the letters. Except of course L, but mnop is not the same without l so I included it. Now let me see if I can come up with a little something for each of the other letters.

M- I might mention how I love to have fresh mint in my lemonade but have missed out of the pleasure since my marriage due to the allergy of my mate (shudder at the use of the word mate)

N- Nice . My 5th grade teacher forbade us use the word “nice” in any of our writing assignments. She said that nice was so nondescript a word we might as well say nothing.

O- I get down right ornery when things are out of the order I put them in. That order is oft times quite a mess but it usually still makes sense to me.

P- As I ponder, I realize I actually have had a topic picked out for the letter p these 3 weeks. I think I’ll save it and do it properly another time.


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