Kindred Spirits

Thank you L.M. Montgomery for introducing me to the concept of Kindred Spirits or people who belong to “the race that knows Joseph”. It is a concept that I hold dear.
It’s thrilling, isn’t it, to meet a kindred spirit? It’s so much more than having things in common. I have met people before who have quite a few common interests with me but are not of the race that knows Joseph. I generally have a hard time liking those people. I really have to try not to be annoyed by them and usually end up wondering, at some point, why I don’t like them better.
I don’t mean to say I dislike all people who are not kindred spirits. I have even, at times, considered non-kindred spirits to be my best friends. Those friendships just take a little extra effort to build. They are not so instantaneous as the kindred kind.


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