Garbage can

I have a lovely new one. The stainless steel variety. I’ve been wanting one for ages but just couldn’t justify spending $40.00 on a garbage can. Seriously, how important is garbage?
Then last week, or so, I was walking through Target thinking about things I could do to make my house look nicer so that someone will like it the best out of the 100 and something houses for sale in the neighbourhood. My first thought was to get a rubermaid bin for the baby boy clothes stacked in teetering piles in the closet. Nothing says “storage space” like a closet full of teetering piles. In fact, teetering piles are one of the things I look for when house shopping. Anyway I decided to skip the bin as much better prices can be had at Big-lots for such things (ooo, remind me to tell the tale of disgust that was my last trip to Big-Lots for bins!) The garbage cans are on the same isle as the bins, so before I could think a second thought I snatched it up and brought it home and it is fabulous. Well worth all 40 of the dollars I spent on it.
The sad side of the story is that the house we wanted, the one that got this whole moving thing started, is sold. I had warning that the sale was imminent but was holding high hopes against it. I drove by a few hours ago and the sign is down. I am crossong my fingers that the buyers loan doesn’t come through but that is not much more than a straw to grasp. I am pretty good at straw grasping though. It’s a talent I have.


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