this is not letter G

Someone has stolen my child and replaced her with a very naughty facsimile. This afternoon she drew crayon lines hither thither about the house. I continue to find more as the day goes on. She sat in time-out for that one for probably ten minutes by the time all was said and done. She also will have to wash every last smudge off the walls as soon as I get a new magic eraser. Of course she did this when we are magic eraserless. The final portion of the punishment is the decree that she will not be allowed to use any kind of writing implement for a week. not even when we are at Grandma’s house next week with her crayola addicted cousins. She colored on the wall for the first time last week. That incident only illicited time out and wall washing which obviously did not do the trick.
After the wall art situation was put to rest for the day I tucked her into my own bed to try and get some rest. She is going to play at the house of a very generous friend for the evening while we go to our “dopt a baby class” and I don’t want her grumping up the place. She did not rest however. What she did do is apply great globs of cocoa butter lip gloss with the use of a crochet hook. Both items reside on my bedside table. She has done this twice before. The first time was months and months ago. I asked her not to do it again and she didn’t. Until last week. That time I caught her before she had quite jammed the hook in to the lip gloss and she got off easy.
I have just now freed her from time-out. She has lost all her lip-gloss privileges. This is going to be tough on her. She is normally allowed free access to either of the glosses on my night stand and may use any found in my purse provided she ask first and I get it out for her. Well no more sweety! Lip gloss is a blessing. You have to show proper respect for it if you want to keep it in your life.
Now it is time to take the fallen-angel child to the baby sitter. Sorry Nicole, I’m afraid you have a rough night ahead of you.


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