The letter C

Color. I love it. I crave it. It makes my eyes open wider and takes my breath (see letter B).
I did not have a problem with depression after the birth of my second child like I did with my first. There were a lot of reasons for that. I am convinced that one of them, if only a small one, is that my house is no longer drenched in the horrid chalky white of builder paint. The color that sucks life from things around it and has the power to make the loveliest of lovelies seem rather common place or perhaps even dull.
Thankfully all but 2 rooms have been rescued from the clutches of the flat “Phonecian White” that once ruled the walls here. With any luck those will soon be liberated and the war will be over!
C is also for cookie. Chocolate chip coconut cookies which I have just now baked. They are truly delectable. How is that for a lead in to letter D?


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