Every blog I’ve encountered has one of these. I’m not generally one to follow the herd but I do so occasionally.

I love
smelling my baby
cheap plastic jewelry
“You said the wrong sting!”
still being able to go outside in the evening
when my eyebrows have just the right shape
“such a beau’full mama”
My girl wants to wear dresses all the time
clean floors
pretty clothes, making them
big sunglasses
pouty lips
The Mr home early
warrior one
doll houses
chocolate covered macadamias
growling at my dog
spikey hair
knowing I’m good at something
Concrete counter tops
grosgrain ribbon
La Francais

I can’t continue. I just got a recorded sales call on my CELL PHONE! Is nothing Holy!? It’s going to take some time in reclining bound angle pose and maybe some chocolate macadamias to get me back the the “I Love” place.


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